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Joomla! security & maintenance

Check out our Joomla! maintenance and service plan. Keep your CMS updated on an ongoing basis. Make sure your Joomla! webite stays up to date, secure and trouble free.

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Joomla! Security & Maintenance Plan

Edoorz offers a Joomla! maintenance and service plan to keep your CMS updated on an ongoing basis.  Make sure your Joomla! webite stays up to date, secure and trouble free. 

In order for your site to stay secure after it is live, all Content Management Systems (CMS) release ongoing updates to the core code on which the CMS is built. Additionally security updates are also released for the template (design), along with any extensions, plugins and components that are installed. These updates are necessary to keep the site functioning and secure. Without performing the released updates on an ongoing basis, a website is open to malware and other threats. Aditionally, hosting companies will not host a site that is not running on the most recent CMS versions as it poses a threat to their server. My Joomla maintenance and security plan covers ongoing updates so your website stays current to all recently released Joomla security releases & versions.

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    • Monitoring, installation & update to core Joomla! SECURITY updates as released.
    • Monitoring, installation and update of core Joomla! VERSION* updates as released.
    • Monitoring, installation and update of Joomla! SECURITY & VERSION* updates for individual components, modules, extensions and plugins as released. For commercial components, modules, extensions and plugins, version updates can only be performed if installed extension license/s and subscriptions are current.
    • Full website and database backups on update.**
    • Monitoring of Joomla! vulnerable extensions list.
    • Knowledgeable sitewide administrative solutions are implemented as recommended by Joomla.org.

*New features & bug fixes
**A recent backup allows your website to be restored to its previous status before malicious behavior occurred. Above services do not include restoration of your site. This service is limited to Joomla version updates as described above.

Please Note: As long as your website is online, there is no guarantee that these services alone will prevent malicious activity or downtime due to server error issues or other 3rd party activity. These services are implemented to limit the occurrence of malicious activity by employing security recommendations put forth by Joomla.org and the Joomla! community. This plan does not include purchase, cost & installation of subscriptions. There must be an active subscription in order to update any paid components, templates, plugins & extensions.

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