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The New School for Economic Research | New York, NY


I am grateful to have found Joanne. She is incredibly responsive, endlessly patient, and comprehensive in her knowledge of everything technology. I would - and have - recommended her to others with full confidence they won't find anyone better...

I have worked with Joanne for many years and could go on and on about how valuable she is to our website, our team, and our success. Joanne does the highest quality work, is responsive, and patiently walks me through complicated tech issues. Also, she possesses the greatest professional quality of any web developer - curiosity. If she doesn't immediately know the answer, she won't quit until she knows what's going on and fixes it. This is especially important because our small organization relies 100% on Joanne for our website. We rely on her commitment, judgement and experience, and follow all of her suggestions.

Bridget Fisher | https://www.economicpolicyresearch.org