Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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$120.00 - Annual Subscription

Joomla Website Security & Maintenance


  • Monitoring and installation of security updates for your core Joomla website as released

  • Performing monthly *backup of your website
  • Monitoring of vulnerable extensions list

  • 2nd level administrator password protection for J2x or Two Factor Authentication integration for J3x

In addition to the above services, the highest site-wide administrative solutions available to the Joomla Community are utilized so that your website runs at optimal performance.

*As long as your website is online, eDoorz offers no guarantee that these services alone will prevent malicious activity. These services are implemented to limit the occurrence of malicious activity by employing security recommendations put forth by and the Joomla! community.

**A recent backup allows your website to be restored to it's previous status before malicious behavior occurred. Above services do not include restoration of your site.

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